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Online Resources

I figured I'd make one central location for online resources. If you have any you'd like to add just put a comment with the link underneath and I'll check it out!
Note; some of these link to LifeHacker where you can find more information about the site/download before using it.

Easy/Safe Computer Use

Qimo - A child friendly, lightweight operating system
Kideo - Child friendly youtube player
KidRex - Child friendly search engine
KidZui - Child friendly web interface
Zoo.com Safe searching
Freeware For Children
Quintura Search for Kids

Online Colouring


Printable Activities
Printable Car Activities
ToysRUs Colouring/Word Searches


15 Ways to Use End Roll of Paper
Turn Yogurt Containers into Sippy Cups
Recycling Crayons

Instructables via http://www.instructables.com

Giant Bubble Blower
How To Make Playdough

Life Skills

Teaching Children About Money
Tips for Making House Rules Stick

Toy Alternatives
Unclutter.com Alternatives Part One
Unclutter.com Alternatives Part Two
10 Ways To Entertain Without The TV

Soda Bottle Volcano
New Frontiers NASA program


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
Very nice resource list on the Early Childhood Resource list.