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A variety of resources!

Hi all! Glad to see we have some members!

As part of my program, I have to present a workshop. My partner and I are doing ours on the topic of "homemade/handmade toys".
Here are some resources that we've found and are using.

Make Baby Stuff Great resource for making teddy bears and such - free patterns and felting instructions. Also instructions for making wooden toys.

Homemade Toy Article presents some neat ideas.

Homemade Toys for Anytime also presents some simple ideas.

Robyn's Nest sorted out by age group, a variety of ideas. The whole website is neat - you can search by specific age groups and stuff from the homepage.

Homemade Toys for Baby a short list of ideas for baby toys.

Paper Ring provides a template for the activity. This would prompt a lot of questions among preschoolers.

Since Toy Maker a variety of ideas for science related toys for a variety of age groups.

I've also updated ecelaura with a batch of craft ideas :)